Introduction to Topological Data Analysis.

M2 MPA: Topics in computational algebra and geometry by Indira Chatterji,, office 607 2nd floor. Exercise sessions by Antoine Commaret.

1st course: Introduction (September 7th 13-15)
2nd course: Simplicial homology (September 21st 13h-16h)
3rd course: Morse functions and bar codes and practical session (September 28th 13h-17h)
4rth course: Homology of surfaces (Monday October 3rd 10:15-12:15, no class this week on Wednesday)
5th course: More simplicial complexes and triangulations (October 12th 13h-17h)
6th course: Delaunay triangulations and midterm exam part 1 (October 19th 13h-16h)
7th course: alpha-complexes and Midterm exam part 2 (October 26 13h-16h)
8th course: Persistent homology, bottleneck distance and stability theorem. Practice on computer (November 9 13h-17h)
9th course: Practice on computer and quizz (November 16th 13h-16h)
10th course: Reach and triangulation of submanifolds, distance functions, gradient and weak feature size (November 23rd)
Final exam: December 5th, 10:15 in salle 2

Midterm exam:

A 2-5 pages report, with a 15 minutes presentation followed by a 5 minutes discussion on a topic of your choice among the ones given out in class.

Final exam:

A 2 hours in-class exam.
Grade: 40 percent on the final, 30 on the quizz and 30 on the midterm.